Why everyone is doing guest posting wrong

So, I know you’ve seen it. You get that classic guest posting email template come through and it looks something like the below.

Hello Admin,


I would like to inform you that I have written a guest blog on  SEO Web designing and development topics which are related to your expectations and I have read your all guidelines regarding guest blogs carefully. 

Your website *Insert website Indian VA has been trained to paste in* best resource of marketing and many educated people are visiting your website and blogs and getting information. 

I want to share my blog on your website and want to become a permanent contributor on your website. I am Viki as SEO Expert and Web designer and having website *insert some crappy website here that the Indian VA knows to paste in* and providing the services related to web designing and development.

I am excited to sharing my blog on your website.

Please find the Email and share your reviews. and allow me to further procedure.

Thanks and Regards ,


So, how many of these do you a day? I get about 10 at the moment, I wouldn’t say it makes me mad but its annoying to see how everyone is doing it wrong. Firstly who actually wrote this. I mean my grammar and spelling is pretty poor but cmon if you are going to be sending out thousands of begging guest posting messages then at least spell check it for gods sake man.

Also, really you can tell they have not even looked at your website. It could be in the adult niche and they’d still send these messages. Its basically just a spray and prey approach and the problem is that it makes it much harder for genuine people to score good guest posting links now. Also I bet there is no follow up. People are busy, you should always follow up. Send about 5 emails asking to work with them if you have to. It will really help your success rate for scoring guest posts.

I partly blame places like https://www.BigGuestPosting.com for this rise in guest posting requests because they’ve made it too quick and easy to find people to hassle. If you look at the niches they have, its pretty absolute. So we’ll see what the future brings but as Google clamps down on PBN’s I can see these requests growing by x10!

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