Does Black hat SEO scale vs White hat seo?

Hi Guys,

Just thought I’d write down a quick thought I’d had….

People rank websites with PBN’s and other expired web properties but managing this takes a lot of time. I realised that while it takes longer initially to create excellent content in the long run this White hat technique simply scales better than Black hat techniques such as expired domains etc.

If you buy a domain you’ve got to renewal it every year and pay for hosting, then no matter how good you are there is a risk Google will just slap your website. While with White hat SEO and content marketing it will take a long time to start getting backlinks but as you become a much more excepted authority in your niche you will attract them without trying. then over time this technique will simply out scale any shady black hat stuff.

I plus point of making great content is that you will always have a better conversion ratio when using whitehat content, rather than black hat content that you’ve had to rank with artificial links.

Another final point is that Google is really smart these days. They can pick up on anything that looks a bit weird once you hit a certain size then manually review your website. Also while links are still the number one ranking factor this may change over the next few years.

Thanks for reading my little blog as always guys!!

Peace and love!

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