Handsome Donkey SEO

I am the Handsome Donkey and this is my SEO blog you suckers! 😉

I talk about content creation, black hat and white hat SEO, also some paid ads stuff and maybe some Amazon affiliate stuff when I finally get that going 🙂

Stay tuned its going to be a wild ride my friends!

The ROI on SEO is amazing, you need to get on it guys.

To start with my SEO journey will be focused a lot of free SEO tools but as I get more money I’ll get paid ones and you’ll see some real dollar dollar coming in baby!

I’m very excited, the world of making money online is so scalable compared to other method of wealth generation. If you make something and it really takes off you can just sit on a beach with your laptop and control a small empire, man its so exciting.

Here are the main things I’m going to be learning and talking about.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid traffic – Using Facebook ads, Reddit ads, LinkedIn ads and just about every source of pay per click there is.
  • Social media, using bots to generate massive army of followers and really pumping a brand up.
  • YouTube, I’m never sure if you class this a social media. I don’t as I’m not very social on it haha.
  • Email marketing – If you can get people to opt into your emailing list its just like a constant source of traffic that really can’t be beaten. The ROI is VERY underrated. Its like having constant organic traffic on tap


So as some of you probably noticed my website went down for a while and I had a nasty weird redirect that I luckily noticed in my .htaccess within a few hours from when I think it was modified I’d just like to thank my friend Jamie from Supa Growth for helping me fix the hack. He makes free SEO tools and other cool shizzle. Cool guy. Anyways hopefully I can get back to my mad rambling about SEO and internet marketing etc etc now.

UPDATE 01/10/2018

New post about guest posting requests, just a general rant really. http://www.handsomedonkey.com/2018/08/12/why-everyone-is-doing-guest-posting-wrong/